Newsrack Regulations

Regulation of Newsracks in the Public Right of Way

The Sonoma City Council adopted Ordinance 01-2012 based upon the following findings: 1) The uncontrolled placement and maintenance of newsracks in the public right-of-way can constitute a threat to public health, safety and welfare by interfering with and obstructing the use of the public rights-of-way and by offending community aesthetic sensibilities and adversely affecting tourism which is one of the major sources of economic viability of the community; and 2)        The City Council recognizes, however, that the use of such rights-of-way is so historically associated with the sale and distribution of newspapers and news periodicals that access to those areas for such purposes should not be absolutely denied. The City Council further finds that these strong and competing interests require a reasonable accommodation which can be satisfactorily achieved only through the means of this chapter, which is designed to accommodate such interests by regulating the place and manner of using such newsracks.

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