Planning Department staff will be able to confirm whether your location is within the city limits and determine if your planned use and location comply with zoning regulations. They can give you guidance about any reviews or permits that may be needed. If you find out that the zoning for your location does not allow the kind of business you wish to open, the Economic Development Manager may be able to suggest other locations where your business would be allowed or encouraged.

Certain kinds of businesses may require a conditional use permit (CUP). Planning staff will outline the process. CUP applications are reviewed by the Planning Commission, a seven-member body appointed by the City Council that meets monthly. If your CUP is granted, it will include conditions of approval which you will be required to follow. In some instances, it may be necessary to apply for a variance from a specific zoning standard, such as the number of parking spaces required.

If any kind of approval or permit is needed in order to comply with the Zoning Ordinance, be sure to make the lease or purchase of property for your business contingent upon these approvals. Ask City staff what information they will need from you, the approximate fees you can expect, and the estimated timeline. Based on their experience, staff may also be able to give insights about likely issues or concerns with your application.