City Clerk

City Clerk Mission Statement:

 “The City Clerk strives to provide timely, professional and courteous service to the City Council, the public, and the internal organization.  The City Clerk is committed to innovative processes, information management, and continued preservation of the City’s history.”

Rebekah Barr, MMC
City Clerk/Executive Assistant

The City Clerk/Executive Assistant to the City Manager has a broad range of responsibilities, including:

  • Providing a high level of administrative support to the City Manager and the City Council
  • Producing City Council agendas which includes internal distribution of agenda packets which contain all related reports and documents, providing agendas to subscribers and uploading agendas to the City’s website
  • Processing, recording and maintaining City contracts and agreements
  • Receiving and processing appeals filed by the general public in response to administrative and/or commission decisions
  • Receiving and processing all claims filed against the City by the general public
  • Receiving, advertising, officially opening and processing all formal City bids
  • Codification of City ordinances into the municipal code, including quality checks and distribution of the code
  • Developing and maintaining the City’s records retention schedule to ensure the proper storage, maintenance, and disposal of municipal records city-wide
  • Maintaining a database of all board and commission memberships including facilitation of the board and commission application process
  • Facilitating and overseeing all administrative processes related to general elections including the filing of campaign finance statements
  • Administering the filings for all appointed and elected officials identified in the Political Reform Act and the City’s Conflict of Interest Code