City Manager

The City of Sonoma operates under a Council-Manager form of government, combining the strong political leadership of elected officials with the professional municipal experience of an appointed City Manager.  The City Manager’s mission is to provide for the efficient performance of all City operations, implementation of Council policy, formulating staff recommendations to Council on policy and other matters, supervision of all property and assets under control of the City, enforcement of City ordinances and applicable State and Federal laws, and preparing and submitting the annual budget.  The City Manager currently provides direct oversight of Administration, Human Resources, Economic Development, Budget, Cemetery sales and Successor Agency.

City Manager Cathy Capriola was appointed City Manager in January 2017.  Prior to that Ms. Capriola served as the interim City Manager of the City of Novato.


The role of the City Manager Department is to assist City Council and Department Managers in defining and achieving their collective goals and to assist citizens, City Council and Departments in proactively avoiding crisis situations and use programs to solve problems.   Major functional areas include Council administrative support and policy analysis, organizational management and development, administrative analyses, community relations, intergovernmental relations, risk management and general leadership/oversight of City operations.  The City Manager establishes the implementation actions for the City Council’s goals and objectives identified to enhance the quality of life for residents, businesses, community organizations, and visitors.  Personnel within the City Manager department consists of the City Manager, Administrative Services Manager and a part time Administrative Assistant


Effectively implement the 2017 City Council Goals with emphasis on seven key areas: 

  • City Character
  • Fiscal Management
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Policy and Leadership
  • Public Service and Community Resources
  • Water

Questions about the City can be posed to the City Manager by:

  • Phone - [707] 938-3681
  • Email -
  • In Person at City Hall, No. 1 the Plaza, Sonoma, CA  95476 Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm
  • By Fax [707] 938-2559


City of Sonoma
No 1 the Plaza
Sonoma, CA 95476
Telephone (707) 938-3681
Fax: (707) 938-2559

Contact Numbers

Cathy Capriola
City Manager
(707) 933-2213
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Cathy Lanning
Human Resources
(707) 933-2217
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Rita Gipson
Administrative Assistant
(707) 933-2218
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Common FAQ

When did Sonoma become a City?

The City of Sonoma incorporated September 3, 1883.

When does the City Council meet?

The City Council meets on the First and Third Mondays of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Meeting Room, 177 First Street West, Sonoma California. When a Holiday falls on the Monday meeting date, the meeting is then scheduled for the following Wednesday

Where do I obtain a Marriage License?

Sonoma County Clerk Recorder (707) 565-3800

Where do I apply for a City business license?

Contact the City Finance Department (707) 938-3681

Where are claims against the City filed?

Claims are filed in the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, No. 1 The Plaza, Sonoma CA 95476 (707) 933-2216

How do I find my polling place?

Contact the Registrar of Voters Office (707) 565-6800