Water Division

City of Sonoma Water Distribution System

The City of Sonoma purchases treated water from the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA). 

Distribution facilities owned by the City include four storage tanks, two booster stations, and the necessary water mains and appurtenances for purveying water within the service area.  The City is also connected to two storage tanks owned by the SCWA.

The City has seven deep wells connected to the system. Wells 1,2, 3, 4,6 and 8 are classified as active;  Well 5 is classified as a standby source and is only used when necessary.

The City of Sonoma Water Division strives to provide the following services for the community and its citizens:

1. To supply safe and reliable drinking water in accordance with California and Federal Regulations.
2. To supply water at reasonable rates consistent with cost-effective conservation.
3. To maintain sufficient water pressure in the drinking water system to ensure successful fire protection.
4. To provide water to critical facilities.


Water Rates and Charges  
 Cash for Grass Rebate
Water Leak Adjustment Policy 
Water Leak Adjustment Form
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2016 Water Quality Report
15% Water Reduction - Water Use Requirements
2011 Water Master Plan
2014 Water Rate Study
2015 Urban Water Management Plan


Water Tip

Water from your faucet is hundreds of times cheaper than bottled water and tested more carefully for contaminants.  It's also better for the environment.


Oops Tag

The City of Sonoma Public Works crew will post a door hanger requesting water conservation when water waste (SMC chapter 13.10) is observed during our normal work routines (such as meter reading, driving to job sites, etc.)  If observed that the water waste continues after a reasonable amount of time and after written notices and personal contact have been made with the customer, penalties may be enforced including fines and/or a flow-restricting device may be installed.  These enforcement actions will be conducted according to the provisions of Chapter 1.12 of the Sonoma Municipal Code.