Leaf Blower Ordinance Now Effective

22 December 2016

The referendum-approved Leaf Blower Ordinance (#01-2016) is now in effect. Guidelines are available to facilitate compliance and to answer questions.


In order to facilitate compliance with the new Ordinance, City Staff has prepared Leaf Blower Guidelines, in both English and Spanish. They can be accessed by clicking the following links:


A few highlights of what the Ordinance does:

  • Prohibits gas-powered leaf blowers in the City.
  • Prohibits electric-powered leaf blowers on Sunday and holidays.
  • Permits electric-powered leaf blowers between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday thru Saturday.
  • A written cease and desist warning and a copy of Chapter 9.60 of the Sonoma Municipal Code shall be given to a first-time violator.
  • A second violation may be enforced at the City’s discretion pursuant to either Chapter 1.30, Administrative Penalties or Chapter 1.12, General Penalty and will be treated as a first time violation (penalty: $250.00) pursuant to the Council’s Resolution set forth in Chapter 1.12.010D.
  • A third and any subsequent violations will be treated as a second violation (penalty: $500.00) pursuant to the Council’s Resolution set forth in Chapter 1.12.010.D.
  • The operation of leaf blowers shall comply with the noise limits set by SMC 9.56.050.
  • No leaf blower shall be operated in a manner that directs dust and debris onto any neighborhood parcel or public street.
  • Violators include any property owner, including the city, or tenant or any employee, agent or contractor working for a property owner or tenant to operate or authorize the operation of a gas-powered leaf blower at any time for any purpose.
Be advised that the new guidelines do not change Sonoma Municipal Code 9.56.095 and all commercial landscape and maintenance companies MUST have signage, including name of your company and phone number, visible on the outside of vehicles used within the City of Sonoma to perform work.
Should you have any questions regarding the Ordinance, please contact the Code Enforcement Department.

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