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Redevelopment has been important financing tool used by cities and counties in California to revitalize physically and economically disadvantaged areas, build needed capital improvements, support economically critical private sector projects, and provide affordable housing.  In Sonoma, the redevelopment agency (a.k.a. Community Development Agency (CDA) has implemented a variety of projects and programs to support the goals of ensuring economic stability, increasing local employment opportunities, preserving the unique historic character of the community, and increasing local tax revenues.   Rehabiliation loans for commercial properties, an economic development partnership program with the local chamber of commerce, public infrastructure improvements,  graffiti removal, and targeted project development assistance have all been funded by redevelopment, along with the City affordable housing program.

Legislative action by the State of California eliminated redevelopment effective February 1, 2012.  A successor agency, governed by an oversight board, will take over the affairs of the redevelopment agency. 




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