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Public Works Director: Dan Takasugi  (707) 933-2230

The Public Works Department is headed by the Public Works Director, who is responsible for the overall operations, management, scheduling and work programs in four divisions: Cemetery, Parks, Streets, and Water. Each division is responsible for the ongoing activities in its own functional area, although crews may be dispatched at any time to respond to local emergencies, special events, and customer inquiries.

The Public Works Director also represents the department on the Traffic Safety Committee, the Tree Committee, the Community Services and Environment Commission, as well as serving as the principal liaison to the Sonoma County Water Agency, the North Bay Watershed Association, other outside agencies, and to special event managers.

Public Works Department staff also prepares bid and contract documents, handles routine equipment maintenance tasks, and assists with inspecting ongoing public works projects in the public right-of-way.

The Public Works Department is located at 19728 Eighth St. East  Directions



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