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The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the City.  The Manager, who is appointed, evaluated, and retained by the City Council based on professional expertise and performance, provides overall management and direction for all City programs with the assistance of department heads; functions as head of finance, personnel, and all other administrative services; continually evaluates the City’s organizational structure as it pertains to effective, efficient and economical delivery of services to the public; develops and implements methods of improving services and public improvements; assures conformance with City Council policies and directives and with all applicable laws.

The ongoing duties of the City Manager’s office staff include: preparation and presentation of City operating and capital budgets; developing safety procedures and administering the city’s risk management program; inventory control; preparation of agenda reports and correspondence for the City Council; processing purchase orders; development and implementation of City administrative procedures; implementation of City Council policies and priorities; review of the City’s fee schedule in accordance with state and local laws and procedures; implementing programs mandated by other agencies; analysis of legislation; intergovernmental representation and operation of the City’s Community Development Agency.

The City Manager’s office also administers the Affordable Housing Program, Cemetery sales, human resources and issues permits for special event activities held on City properties [such as the Sonoma Historical Plaza], issues alcohol permits for special events and maintains historical records of the City.

Carol Giovanatto, City Manager
Telephone [707] 933-2213
Fax: [707] 938-2559

Gay Johann, Assistant City Manager / City Clerk
Telephone [707] 933-2216
Fax: [707] 938-2559

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