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Welcome from the Mayor

The government of the City of Sonoma relies on the involvement of a large number of civic-minded residents.  These people are committed volunteers who have chosen to give of their time for the benefit of the community.

Five of these volunteers are elected by Sonoma's voters to serve on the City Council, providing policy direction for all City programs and services.

Many other civic volunteers are appointed by the City Council to the one of the City's many Commissions that advise on important areas of City life.  The Commissions offer direct citizen involvement in developing City policies and in providing forums at which everyone in the City can have input on the policies themselves and on how the policies are applied.  This might involve land use permits, the physical appearance of buildings, improvements in City parks, special events, projects that respond to neighborhood traffic issues, enhancement of the City's artistic and cultural life, and maintenance of affordable rents in the City's mobile home parks.

Each of the civic volunteers who offer to serve on Sonoma's Commissions is an important member of the City team, joining with the City Council and City staff to help realize and maintain the quality of life of our town.

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David Cook, Mayor

Mayor Tom Rouse

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