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The City Councils goal in creating the Disaster Council is to be more proactive in emergency and disaster preparedness.  This council is an extension of the Citys comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan.

The Disaster Council is comprised of citizen members interested in disaster preparedness on a community level; members also participate in the Community Preparedness Subcommittees that include:

  • Citizen Preparedness: S.C.O.P.E.  Sonoma Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies, a training program that includes neighborhood outreach.
  • Sheltering Services & Food Preparedness: Work with the American Red Cross (ARC) on sheltering and disaster scenarios; identify food resources in the event Sonoma is cut off from major transit routes.
  • Animal Sheltering:  Identify shelters and coordinate care for pets and owners in tandem with the American Red Cross (ARC).
  • Public Information Outreach: Actively educate the public on disaster preparedness through multiple avenues that include: radio and TV broadcasting with PSAs; regular radio interviews; literature in both English and Spanish distributed through special events on the Plaza and business expos. 
  • Population Demographics- Identify at risk populations: Outreach to senior communities to augment their existing emergency plans with SCOPE trainings.

The council meets quarterly on a Thursday's at 3:30 p.m., at the EOC (Emergency Operations Center), 177 First Street West, Sonoma. Download disaster drill press release here:

Accomplishments of Disaster Council & City of Sonoma Since the Disaster Council was formed in May of 2008, significant progress has been made in disaster preparendess for all citizens of Sonoma Valley. Specific goals for 2010 are in progress.

Agendas & Minutes

Disaster Preparedness & related information

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Download the citizen's handbook for disaster preparedness here.

Download the Spanish version "Ciudad de Sonoma Organizados y Preparados para Emergencias" here.

Download the Emergency Operations Plan and supplemental materials here:

Emergency Operations Plan

Annex A: Local Hazard Mitigation

Annex B: Shelter Operations

Appendix 1: Letter of Promulgation

Appendix 2: Concurrance

Appendix 3: Disaster Council Policy

Appendix 4: EOC Position Checklist



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