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The Sonoma Valley Economic Development Partnership is here to help you, whether you want to locate your business in Sonoma Valley, launch a start-up, or expand an existing business.

The Partnership is a collaboration of the City of Sonoma, Sonoma County, and the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce to provide business assistance and support for the Valley's economy.

If you are new to the area, we’ll provide demographic information, housing data, a contact for specialized workforce training and other assistance.  We'll help you understand the approval process, and arrange meetings with key departments.  We can introduce you to representatives of commercial properties for lease or sale, and provide you with information about financial resources.

If you are starting a business in Sonoma, great! Be sure that you have fully researched local requirements and regulations so that you avoid delays down the road.  Some of the basics are covered in the start-up guide compiled by the Sonoma Valley Economic Development Partnership. 

If you are looking for a location for your business, check out the site finding tool and new location FAQs at  Be sure to contact the Planning Division (938-3681) before you commit to a location.  Not all types of businesses are allowed in every commercial location, and you want to be sure your new business will have proper zoning.  For certain uses, such as new restaurants, use permit review by the Planning Commission may be required.  You can download our "City Permit Guide for Small Businesses" brochure for additional information.

For information on these programs, or help with other questions you may have, contact the Economic Development Project Manager, Laurie Decker, at (707) 327-7338.


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The seven major goals of the Sonoma Economic Development Partnership are to:

1.     Assist and promote business retention and expansion.

2.     Diversify the economy.

3.     Continue to support and strengthen existing industries that have made Sonoma a world-class tourist destination.

4.     Target and attract new businesses that complement those that are already in Sonoma.

5.     Enhance the image of Sonoma as “business friendly".

6.     Work with schools, non-profits, existing businesses and government agencies to create programs to train, support, and attract a skilled workforce.

7.     Support and pursue economic development that maintains or improves the environment.



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