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Sonoma County Assessor's Office

Tel.: 565-1888. For information about property taxes and related assessments.

Sonoma County Animal Control

Tel: 525-7100. For animal control services outside of city limits.

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

Tel: 565-2241. The elected leaders of Sonoma County. You can e-mail the First District Supervisor, Vallerie Brown, at this address: vbrown@sonoma-county.org

Sonoma County Clerk

Tel. 565-3800. Services and information related to elections and voting, property assessments, and the recordation of legal documents, ranging from property surveys to marriage licenses.

Sonoma County ECO Desk

Tel: 565-3375. Services and information regarding recycling and waste reduction, including options for the safe disposal of household hazardous wastes.

Sonoma County Dept. of Permit and Resource Management

Tel: 565-1900. Services and information regarding the processing of development permits (including use permits and building permits) within the unincorporated area.

Sonoma County Registrar of Voters

Tel. 565-6800. Information on voter regiistration, including the location of polling stations and election results.

Sonoma County Valley Sanitation District

Tel: 565-3638. Provides sewer services for city and county residents. (Note the Sanitation District is managed by the Sonoma County Water Agency.) To report a blockage or spill, call 523-1070 (24 hours).

Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH)

Tel. 996-0111. Providing services and assistance to those in need, including rides to medical and social services.

La Luz

Tel: 938-5131. Working to include all ethinic and cultural groups in the life of Sonoma Valley. Provides information and referrals to non-native speakers, as well as bilingual services.

Sonoma Community Center

Tel: 938-4626. The Sonoma Community Center exists to enrich the lives of the people of Sonoma Valley by fostering a broad range of cultural, educational, recreational and community service activities. It also strives to preserve and restore our historic building and to provide affordable space for community activities.


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