Special Events - The Plaza and Depot Park

For Questions Regarding Special Events and or Film Permits Contact Lisa Janson: 
PH 415.259.9458

What is the Special Events Policy?

The purpose of this policy is to set rules and processes that will guide City Staff and the Community Services and Environment Commission in seeking an appropriate balance between the benefits of organized events and their associated impacts on the community.

To review a complete copy click here!

Typically, when do I need to apply for a permit?

It is always a good idea to check with the City, and be sure the date you have in mind is open for use.  As a general rule, small birthday parties and picnics do not need to rent space, but you would want to make sure another large event is not scheduled simultaneously.  If you are planning an event that will have music, a substantial attendance, catered food and/or other vendors, an application must be submitted.

How do I apply?

Complete and submit the applicable application.  The following applications are available and can be downloaded from the FORMS page:

- Plaza Use Application
- Depot Park Application

What is the application process?

Small events are usually approved administratively, and within a few days. Larger events have a more extensive review.

Large events are first reviewed by the Special Events Committee(SEC). This is a preliminary staff review, and the Committee consists of the Parks Supervisor, the Chief of Police, the Public Works Director and a representative from the Fire Department.

After review and recommendation from the SEC, the event is then reviewed by the Community Services and Environment Commission (CSEC).  They will decide final approval or denial.

Do I need an Alcohol Permit?

If your event will be serving alcohol, yes.  The Alcohol Permit application is available and may be downloaded from the FORMS page.

You will also need an ABC license from Sonoma County (707) 576-2165.
Link to Responsible Beverage Service Training 2014-2015 here.

Do I need a Street Use Application?

These are used for parades or other events where total street closure within the City is required, i.e. a race.

A Street Use Application may be found and downloaded from the FORMS page.

What are the Waste Management Guidelines?

What is the Post-Event Review? What is its purpose?

The Post-Event Review is an opportunity for you, as the event organizer, staff and the CSEC to discuss the success of the event, and how to proceed in the future.  Typically, this review provides a positive basis for continuing the event in the future, and an opportunity to let event organizers know about any changes in policy.