Recreation and Leisure Service Programs

Recreational and Leisure  Programs are an important part of the overall delivery of services by the City of Sonoma to its residents

As a reflection of the community’s desires, and the reality that Sonoma is a small town with a limited budget, the City of Sonoma has opted not to operate its own Parks and Recreation Department, Community and Cultural Services Department, or similar internal City organization.  Instead, these traditional “Recreational and Community Programs” have been provided over the years by outside service agencies, specifically non-profit organizations, which have filled the community’s need for these important programs.

As such, the City and its residents have experienced cost savings through the avoidance of creating a City department with appropriate staffing devoted to Recreational and Community Programs.  Through leveraging the talents, skills, networks and resources already available in the community, the City has supported Recreational and Community Programs through a level of direct funding for the past 20+ years. This approach has been proven to be cost effective, efficient, and flexible to meet the changing needs of the community.  Non-profit organizations which provide these Recreational and Community Programs are expert at delivering some traditional services provided by city governments elsewhere.

Partnering with the City to provide these services are: