Planning & Land Use Development Fees to be Proposed for Updating to Recover City Costs to be Considered at the 12/17/2018 City Council Meeting

As part of its land use policies, the City’s Planning & Community Services Department processes development applications and various other regulatory permits. Some of these permits are administrative and are approved by staff. The majority of them, however, require review by the Planning Commission or the Design Review and Historical Preservation Commission. A review by … Continued

Gateway Project Applicant Updated Project Information

Updated Applicant Submittals – 9/24/2018 The following submittals were received from the Gateway Applicant: Gateway Updated Narrative Project information including elevations Project Renderings Aerial Photograph Landscape Plan Origer Historic Analysis – Dated September 24, 2018 Dudek Aesthetic Analysis – Dated September 24, 2018 Tentative map In addition, the City has updated the transportation analysis: 9. … Continued

City Update on Verizon Small Cell Tower Applications

The City has negotiated an agreement with Verizon to allow for additional time for the City to review Verizon’s ten small cell tower applications. Under the terms of the agreement, the seven (7) residential applications are immediately suspended.  The applications may only be reinitiated if Verizon notifies the City following the determination on the commercial … Continued

Design and Landscaping Review April 17, 2018

An application for Design and Landscape Review will be heard by the Design Review and Historic Preservation Commission (DRHPC) at its meeting of April 17, 2018. The hearing will be held in the Community Meeting Room, located at 177 West Napa Street. The DRHPC meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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