Council Goals and Workplan

Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022 Council Goals

On September 10, 2021, the Council conducted its annual retreat to discuss, among other things, City Council goals/priorities, norms and protocols, agenda/meeting policies and procedures, and future agenda items. FY 2021-2022 goals are as follows (not in order of priority):

  • Develop comprehensive, long-term parking strategy for the Downtown District, with focus on Plaza Retail Overlay District (PROD), which will include the use of the Casa Grande Parking lot.
  • Update development code to reflect current/best practices and to establish objective development standards.
  • Enhance City revenues by applying for operational and capital grants, seeking state/federal reimbursements, and exploring/identifying new revenue sources.
  • Develop an “Enhancement Plan” for the Plaza Park to evaluate and recommend improvements, renovations, and/or enhancements to address facilities, landscaping/trees, park amenities and structures, and trash/recycling stations.
  • Create design standards and long-term plan for “parklets.”
  • Conduct a “Valley-wide Governance Study” to explore ways to more efficiently and effectively deliver municipal services throughout Sonoma Valley.
  • Develop financial and operational strategy to better maintain and operate cemeteries.
  • Develop strategy to address local homeless issues including coordination of activities with SOS and HAS and with a focus on county-wide efforts.
  • Develop affordable housing strategy as a component of the Housing Element.


Staff is in the process of developing a workplan for implementing the Council’s goals/priorities. The workplan will be brought to the Council for consideration at a future meeting.

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