1211 Broadway – Material Board

1211 Broadway

May 23, 2019
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The Material Board Document for a proposed development project on an existing 0.34-acre parcel located at 1211 Broadway into four lots for residential development. The project also includes moving an existing 113-year old, historic 890 square foot single-family residence on the property. Lot 1 would total 2,292 sf, Lot 2 would total 2,704 sf, Lot 3 would total 4,435 sf and Lot 4 would total 5,364 sf. Lot 1 would contain the existing historic 890 square foot residence and the access driveway, Lot 2 would contain a 1,240-square foot single family residence, and Lots 3 and 4 would each contain duplex units with two, 1,240 square foot units on each lot. Lots 2-4 would provide 450 square feet of private open space to each unit. Overall, the development would support 6 residential units.

Visit the 1211 Broadway Housing Project page for more information.

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