Gateway Project Applicant Updated Project Information

Posted on September 26, 2018

Updated Applicant Submittals – 9/24/2018

The following submittals were received from the Gateway Applicant:

  1. Gateway Updated Narrative
  2. Project information including elevations
  3. Project Renderings
  4. Aerial Photograph
  5. Landscape Plan
  6. Origer Historic Analysis – Dated September 24, 2018
  7. Dudek Aesthetic Analysis – Dated September 24, 2018
  8. Tentative map

In addition, the City has updated the transportation analysis:

9.  W-Trans Traffic Analysis – Dated September 24, 2018

The following summarizes the key items of the Applicant’s proposed changes to their Project:

  • Buildings have increased setbacks on Broadway ranging from 17-feet to 25-feet (15-feet was originally proposed).
  • Modification to architecture of internal buildings from contemporary to elements of farmhouse.
  • All buildings are now proposed at 30-feet in height or less. The original proposal had buildings with a range of 25 to 36 feet in height). By decreasing the height, the Applicant removes the need for an height exception as would be required in the code.
  • The floor area ratio is 70.4% (the Code allows up to 100%).
  • Site coverage is 56.7 (Up to 60% is allowed).
  • The parking requirement is now 74 spaces and 79 spaces are proposed, exceeding the Municipal Code requirement as well as the State density bonus law for affordable projects.
  • Common open space has been increased to 11,889 square feet.
  • Option for “for sale” affordable housing instead of rental as a choice for the City Council.
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