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Get Involved

There are a variety of ways that you can communicate and participate in the update of the Housing Element. If you’ve already signed up to receive email updates about Housing Element, you’ll get this notice automatically. You can also submit questions or comments to Associate Planner Wendy Atkins directly.

The City has several tools available to engage the community in the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update.

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Ways to participate:

Watch the Virtual Workshop

The Virtual Workshop is a brief video, approximately 15-20 minutes, that provides an introduction to the Housing Element Update process, current housing information, and the housing development goals the City must plan for, referred to as the Regional Housing Needs Allocation or RHNA. Watch the workshop:

Balancing Act Simulation Tool

The Balancing Act is a simulation-based tool that helps community members envision and explore how the City can meet its housing goals using Balancing Act - an easy, simulation-based public engagement tool. Submit your housing plan today in English and Spanish.

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