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Recreation and Park Work Plan

Current Status

Sonoma Valley community members have been appointed to the newly formed Community Recreation and Parks Task Force (Recreation Task Force). The Recreation Task Force is an ad hoc organization formed in January 2021 for the purpose of performing community outreach, data collection and to provide the Community Services and Environment Commission with advice relating to the first two phases of the City’s Multi-Year Recreation and Park Work Plan. Read the Press Release.


In September 2019, Alcaldessa Karen Collins presented a proposal to create a citizens group to review how similar-sized cities in Sonoma and Napa Counties operate their Parks and Recreation programs. The objective being to learn and implement any new processes to further support a robust Parks and Recreation program here in the City of Sonoma.

With support from Council, City staff collaborated with Ms. Collins and key recreation partners to create a phased work plan and strategy for the creation of a comprehensive, Multi-Year Recreation and Park Master Plan.

At their December 14, 2020 meeting, Sonoma City Council approved a resolution authorizing the formation of the Community Recreation & Parks Task Force and the launch of “Phase 1” of the work plan that includes performing a recreation inventory analysis and creation of a virtual, bi-annual community recreation catalog. Council approved $20,000 in funding from the General Fund Reserves for this initial effort.

Phases and Timeline

Recreation Work Plan Phases
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