Reservation Process

The Use Application for large scale events must be submitted at least one hundred and twenty (120) days in advance and no more than one (1) year in advance of event date. For small scale events, those events taking less than 8 hours from set-up to tear-down the application needs to be submitted twenty-one (21) days prior to the use date. Please be sure to view the Special Events Calendar below to ensure the space is available the day and time you are requesting. The Special Events Manager will follow-up once the application is received, fees will be calculated and a check payable to the City of Sonoma will be requested. Once the completed application and fees are received the review process begins. If you submit an application but do not submit an application fee, your application will not be reviewed. Please fill out the application according to your event location:

2017 Plaza Use Application
2017 Depot Park Use Application

For questions regarding your application fee or how to pay, please call our office at (415) 259-9458.

Questions Asked on the Application

In order to make the application process as easy as possible, please have the answers to the following questions. These questions will be asked on the application:

  • Are you, the applicant, producing this event on behalf of another organization?
  • Do you work for a non-profit organization?
  • What type of event are you organizing?
  • What is the anticipated number of attendees?
  • Will there be amplified sound?
  • Are you requesting permission to serve food or beverages?
  • Are you requesting to sell food or beverages?
  • Will the event be more than one day?
  • Will you be requiring the use of tents?
  • Are you requesting to serve or sell alcoholic beverages?
  • Are you requesting to display or sell merchandise?
  • Will you have booths or tables at your event?
  • Will your event have any banners, parked cars, or other promotional elements/features?
  • Will your event have portable toilets?
  • What are your details regarding setup and take down?

The Application Process:
The application will be reviewed after completing the use application and paying the application fee. Please note that completing the application and paying the fee does not guarantee approval of your event. Each Use Application requires the following additional documentation:

  • Site Plan (can you link to the site plans for both Depot Park and the Plaza)
  • Event Narrative
  • Security Plan
  • Proposed Budget
  • Event Time Line
  • Waste Minimization Form

For all small scale events the Special Events Manager has the ability to approve the Applications administratively. This process sometimes requires a meeting with the Special Events Committee (SEC) prior to approval. The overall process can take 2-4 weeks depending on the event requirements.
Large scale events go through a three step review process. The first one is an administrative review by the Special Events Manager who’s job is to conclude that the applicant has submitted all of the proper paper work and fees are paid. The second review is a face-to-face meeting with the SEC, during this meeting the event organizer is asked specific questions pertaining to the event, the SEC will determine a list of conditions for approval. Each event organizer is required to go to a formal Community Service Environmental Commission (CSEC) meeting, the commissions job is to review the application to ensure that it is following and adhering to the Special Event Policies
*SEC is comprised of the following members; Special Events Manager, Street Supervisor, Parks Supervisor, Police Sergaent and the Fire Marshal.
** CSEC is comprised of appointed members of the community by the City Council.
The following is a summary of the typical basic fees for special events. Please complete a Use Application and we will assist you in determining total fees.

Application Fees
The application fee is determined by the amount of time necessary from set-up to tear-down of your event, if your event from set-up to tear-down lasts less than 8 hours it is deemed a small scale event. And for those events occurring in the Plaza the event is deemed a large scale event if it requires the use of more than one section of the Plaza being reserved.

  2017 Fees 2018 Fees
Small Event Application Fee $237 Coming Soon
Large Event Application Fee $1051 Coming Soon

Rental Fees are quoted by section per day, to determine fees for events that last multiple days’ one need to multiple daily use fees by the number of days.

The Plaza 2017 Rental 2018 Rental
  Fee per day Fee per day
 South East Quadrant  $400  Coming Soon
South West Quadrant  $300   Coming Soon 
Front Horseshoe  $200   Coming Soon 
Rear Parking Lot  $300   Coming Soon 
North East Quadrant  $300   Coming Soon 
North West Quadrant  $300   Coming Soon 
Grinstead Amphitheater  $200   Coming Soon 
 Depot Park 2017 Rental  2018 Rental 
   Fees Per Day  Fees Per Day
Section 1  $50  Coming Soon
 Section 2 $50    Coming Soon
Section 3  $100    Coming Soon
Volleyball Courts  $50    Coming Soon
South Parking Lot  $100    Coming Soon

The refundable Security Deposit is equal to the amount of rent; the Security Deposit is refunded within a period of 30 days for small scale events and will be refunded 30 days post the final CSEC review for all large scale events.

Other Fees

Street Use - Events requiring road closures or use of City streets are required to submit a Street Use Application(link to the form). The fees associated with this type of permit include the application fee of $587 plus any additional parking that is being taken aware from the public (parking is calculated at $20 per space). The event organizer is responsible for any cost incurred by the City of Sonoma including: labor, equipment rental, and materials. All Street Use Applications are subject to the approval of the Sonoma City Council.

Reservation of Public Parking- Events that require the use of reserved parking within the City of Sonoma are required to submit a Reservation of Public Parking Application (link to the form). The fees associated with this permit include an application fee for $246 plus $20 per space per day.

Serving Alcohol- If you plan to serve or sell alcohol as part of the event; it’s required to submit a Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages Application (link to the form). This form requires the signature of property owner (City Manager) and the police department (Sonoma Police Sergeant). In addition if charging a fee for alcohol or charging an admittance fee and serving alcohol, you must obtain a temporary sales permit from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board @ 50 D St. Room 130, Santa Rosa 95404 707.576.2165 The fees associated with the Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages Application are $244.

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