FAQ Topic: Measure V

Where can I get more information about Measure V?

More information about Measure V, including the ballot materials as well as links to City budget information, can be found on the City’s website at sonomacity.org/ballot-measure-v.  General information about the November 3 election can be found at sonomacity.org/elections.  If you are a member of a community organization that would like to receive a presentation on … Continued

If approved, how long would Measure V last?

Measure V would extend the existing local sales tax at the current rate on an ongoing basis until repealed by the voters. This tax could be repealed by voters in the future if placed on the ballot by the City Council or by a citizen initiative.  

Do other cities in our area have local sales taxes?

Most cities in Sonoma County have a local sales tax to support their general city services.  The cities of Cotati and Sebastopol have a full cent local sales tax, and the cities of Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, and Sonoma have a half-cent local sales tax.  The City of Petaluma has a full cent sales … Continued

Why is the renewal of the local sales tax on the ballot now? Why not wait?

Although the existing local sales tax does not expire until September 2022, State rules govern when the City Council can place a tax measure on the ballot (only when councilmembers are elected, which is every two years, without declaring a fiscal emergency) as well as when the approved sales tax can begin to be collected.  … Continued

What City services would Measure V continue to support?

All of the revenue from the local sales tax is spent locally for the benefit of the Sonoma community.  Measure V revenues go into the City’s General Fund, which provides basic city services including 911 emergency response, fire and ambulance services, police services, emergency preparedness, street and parks maintenance, planning and building services, and service … Continued

How much revenue does this local sales tax generate?

Sonoma’s local half-cent sales tax generates approximately $2.5 million annually (in the current fiscal year, projections were lowered to $2.1 million due to the pandemic’s impact on the economy). This makes it one of the major sources for the City’s General Fund, bringing in about 13% of total revenue.  

Why was Measure V placed on the ballot?

Measure V was placed on the November 3, 2020 ballot by a unanimous vote of the Sonoma City Council to help maintain the City’s service levels and ensure financial stability and sustainability. Voters approved this local sales tax in 2012 to offset the loss of redevelopment funding and protect essential City services.  Measure V extends … Continued

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