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The City of Sonoma has declared a Stage 1 Water Shortage | Water customers are urged to reduce water use by 15%

Water Waste Prohibitions

City Council unanimously voted this week to declare a Stage 1 Water Shortage at their June 7, 2021 meeting. Effective immediately, all Sonoma residents, businesses, schools, and City facilities are urged to cut their indoor and outdoor water use by at least 15% and take the following actions:

  • Apply irrigation water only during the evening and early morning hours (8:00 PM – 7:00 AM) to reduce evaporation losses.
  • Inspect all irrigation systems, repair leaks, and adjust spray heads to provide optimum coverage and eliminate avoidable over-spray.
  • For irrigation valves controlling water applied to lawns, vary the minutes of run time consistent with fluctuations in weather.
  • Reduce minutes of run-time for each irrigation cycle if water begins to run off to gutters and ditches before the irrigation cycle is completed.
  • Utilize water conservation rebate and other incentive programs to replace high water-use plumbing fixtures and appliances with water-efficient models.
  • Utilize City information on using water efficiently, reading water meters, repairing ordinary leaks, and applying water efficiently to landscaping.
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