Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement services for the City of Sonoma are provided through the Office of the City Prosecutor, in coordination with other City departments as needed. Protecting Sonoma’s quality of life and maintaining the health, safety and welfare of city residents are the City’s top priorities with respect to code enforcement. 

Code Enforcement Activities

The the Office of the City Prosecutor employs a part-time code enforcement officer who is charged with ensuring compliance with a wide variety of city codes, regulations and laws, including:
  • Illegal or non-permitted construction activities.
  • Investigation of vacation rental operations in residential neighborhoods.
  • Conditional Use Permit violations
  • Public Nuisance issues
  • Noise Ordinance violations
  • Zoning complaints
  • Non-permitted advertising signs
  • Other city code violations.
Some issues will require a joint investigation by the police department and code enforcement officer to determine the most appropriate resolution to a particular violation.

Education and Enforcement

The City Prosecutor and the Code Enforcement Specialist emphasize education and seek voluntary compliance  with the Municipal Codes whether possible. In addition, mediation services are available to assist in resolving neighbor disputes. However, egregious and persistent violations may be subject to abatement, fines, and other enforcement tools. 

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Phone: 707-565-4240

The residents in Sonoma voted to adopt an ordinance to protect residents from exposure to secondhand smoke on November 8, 2016 and this was adopted by the City Council on December 12, 2016. Sonoma County Department of Health Services, whose role is to provide tobacco technical assistance for the entire County, has been contacted by the City of Sonoma to provide education and technical assistance in conjunction with the new smoking laws in the City of Sonoma. 
A copy of the new ordinance is available by clicking on the following link Sonoma Municipal Code §7.24
No smoking is allowed in the following areas:
  • Service areas such as ATM or ticket lines,bus stops etc.;
  • Public places such as parks, paths, streets and sidewalks;
  • Public events such as festivals, fairs, farmers markets and concerts;
  • Dining areas such as restaurants and bars;
  • Multi-unit residences including indoor common areas such as apartments, hotels, and motels.
Smoking is permitted a minimum of 25 feet from areas where smoking is prohibited and in private residences without shared walls. A "designated smoking area" may be created if it meets criteria established in the ordinance.
Property Owners of hotel/motels, restaraunts, bars, and multi-unit family housing must do the following in order to comply with the Ordinance:
  • Post noticeable No Smoking signs that include the international "No smoking" symbol and have text no less than 1" in height at each point of ingress to the area and at least one other conspicuous place. One sign must have the County phone number to address complaints (707) 565-6680;
  • If applicable, post Designated Smoking Area signs;
  • Remove smoking waste receptacles from non-smoking areass;
  • Inform guests about the smoking rules, which include e-cigarettes, and marijuana;
  • Support compliance
For Assistance with Voluntary Compliance:
We would like to encourage you to contact DHS Tobacco Prevention Program Staff at (707) 565-6680 in order to receive invidualized technical assistance or visit website which includes resources to help quit smoking, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), references, and downloadable "No Smoking" signs.

For Enforcement:
Contact the City of Sonoma Code Enforcement Department at the number above.