2022 Citywide Slurry Seal Project Out to Bid

Posted on April 15, 2022

2022 Slurry Seal Street Map
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The Citywide slurry seal project, consisting of street and multi-use trail (pathway) surface treatment for various streets throughout the City, is out to bid until May 5, 2022.  The Notice to Bidders and bid documents are available at sonomaplanroom.com. The slurry seal project also includes pavement striping and markings and street signage installation and replacement.

Street segments proposed for slurry seal include Andrieux Street (Fifth St W. to Fourth St W.), Fifth St West (Andrieux St to W. MacArthur St), Garland Ave (To both dead ends of White Briar), Joaquin Dr (Lausen St to Fifth St W.), Joaquin (D/E Mitchell Way to 10’ s/o Bike Path), Leveroni Rd (Hiking Path to Broadway), Linda Dr (Fifth St W. to Forth St W.), Linda (Fifth St W. to Mitchell Way), Mariano Ct (Mariano Dr to Cul de Sac), Mariano Dr ( Fano Ln to House #705), Saunders Dr (Brockman Ln to Fifth St W.), West Spain St (Third St W. to Second St W.), and White Briar Dr (Garland Ave to Heather Ln).  Pathways proposed for slurry seal include the main Sonoma Bike Path from Fourth St East to Second Street East and from Joaquin Dr to Junipero Serra Dr.  Additional street and pathway segments may be included after bids are received if the budget allows.

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