Announcing the 2024 Sustainable Business Honoree: Donum Estate!

Posted on April 23, 2024

Vineyards on a hill with sheep grazing between the rows and a large mirrored sculpture of a heart at the top of the hill.

Two men observing a barrel of fermenting wine.After careful consideration and collaboration with environmental and community leaders, including esteemed members of the City of Sonoma’s Climate Action Committee,  The Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce and City of Sonoma are delighted to unveil the recipient of this year’s prestigious Green Business Award: Donum Estate.

Sustainable Practices:
Donum Estate has exemplified a profound commitment to green, sustainable, and regenerative organic practices across every facet of its operations. From vineyard management to waste reduction, their dedication shines through:

  • Utilizing self-made compost and biochar across all vineyards
  • Implementing a diverse cover crop blend and abstaining from herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers
  • Employing compost tea application, reduced tillage, and solar panels for energy needs
  • Recycling wastewater for irrigation and providing electric car charging stations
  • Practicing regulated deficit irrigation and employing animal grazing for soil health
  • Utilizing fungal spore monitoring technology and partnering with conservation groups for habitat enhancement
  • Donum Estate has not only pioneered sustainable viticulture but has also invested in educating staff and consumers alike, demonstrating a profound commitment to environmental stewardship.

Grape vines just beginning to leaf out surrounded by wildflowers.

What Sets Them Apart:
Of their many achievements, Donum Estate’s recent completion of their first estate hedgerow stands as a testament to their innovative approach. By fostering biodiversity and breaking away from monoculture, they showcase a vision for a more resilient and harmonious ecosystem.

To learn more about Donum Estate and their sustainable initiatives, visit thier website.

For inquiries, please contact the Sonoma Chamber of Commerce at 707.996.1033 or

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