Our City, Our Future – City of Sonoma Launches General Plan Update Process

Posted on October 13, 2023

A burgundy logo with a rendering of the top floor and roof line of Sonoma City Hall with the words "General Plan 2045"

The City of Sonoma initiated its General Plan Update Process this week with a special joint meeting of the Planning Commission and City Council. You can watch a recording of the meeting on our CivicWeb Portal or City YouTube channel. Once approved in 2025, the City’s General Plan 2045 will guide the development of the City for the following two decades.

Join us in shaping Sonoma’s Future!

Attend one of our upcoming Community Visioning Workshops on November 2nd and/or 13th at 6:00 PM at the Vintage House, where we will discuss the city’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities, and envision Sonoma through 2045. These workshops are open to everyone, with Spanish translation available and recordings for those who can’t attend in person, including children.

These workshops mark the beginning of a series of opportunities for the public to actively engage in the General Plan Update process. To stay informed and receive notifications about upcoming meetings and chances to share your comments and input, be sure to sign up for our email list.

Additionally, if you’d like to arrange an on-site General Plan Update presentation and input-gathering session for your Sonoma-based organization, business, group, HOA, or association, please reach out to us at generalplan@sonomacity.org.

About  the General Plan Update

The General Plan addresses vital aspects of community life, including land use, economic development, transportation, parks and recreation, cultural and natural resources, public safety, and more. It serves as a valuable reference for City staff, elected and appointed officials, business owners, developers, and citizens, guiding decisions that reflect community values and policy requirements.

The General Plan Update is a platform for residents and businesses to articulate their vision for Sonoma’s future. What do you cherish about Sonoma? What opportunities and challenges do you foresee for the City in the next 10, 15, or 20 years? Engaging in the Sonoma General Plan Update process ensures that the updated plan encapsulates the values and priorities of all its stakeholders.

With the existing plan dating back to 2006, this update is crucial to align Sonoma’s growth with our values. It covers land use, economic development, transportation, and more, guiding decisions for a thriving city.

Learn more on our General Plan Update website. For inquiries, contact Project Planner Kristina Tierney at (707) 933-2202 or generalplan@sonomacity.org.

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