City of Sonoma Hires Carolyn Fulton as New Cemeteries Manager

Posted on June 28, 2024

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The City of Sonoma is excited to announce Carolyn Fulton as the new Cemeteries Manager. Starting July 1st, Carolyn will oversee Mountain, Valley, and Veterans’ Cemeteries, focusing on expansion, support services, and historical preservation. With over two decades of experience in cemetery management at Cypress Hill Memorial Park, Carolyn brings invaluable expertise to this role.

Sonoma’s cemeteries are rich in history, marking the final resting places of many civic, economic, and cultural leaders, including General Vallejo and his wife, Francisca Carrillo Vallejo. Mountain Cemetery is one of the oldest continually operated cemeteries in the western United States, holding significant historical figures like Captain H.E. Boyes and two Donner Party survivors.

Read the full press release and visit our Cemeteries department webpage for more details.

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