City of Sonoma Water Customers Urged to Conserve Immediately

Posted on August 20, 2020

Conserve Water

Photo of handing turning off water

As you are probably aware, there are several wildfires burning in Sonoma County. Sonoma Water, the agency that supplies over 90% of the City’s water supply is urging all customers to take immediate water conservation steps.


The largest of the wildfires could threaten the source of our water that comes from the Russian River. The more water we can store for domestic and firefighting purposes, the better prepared we will be during this emergency.


We urge that the following steps be taken immediately:

  • Turn off all outdoor water for irrigation
    • Irrigation accounts for a large portion of water usage in summer
  • Reduce indoor water use as much as possible
    • Take fewer and shorter showers, flush toilets only for solids, postpone laundry washing, wait to run the dishwasher until it’s full
  • Postpone washing of vehicles and other outdoor water uses
  • Turn off auto-fill valves to pools, spas, decorative fountains and ponds, or delay adding water manually
  • Set water softening systems to bypass auto-regeneration cycles for the duration of the emergency
  • Use a bucket to catch and reuse water when washing fruits and vegetables and when waiting for hot water from faucets, showers, and tubs. Use for watering potted or in-ground plants inside or outside your home, or for toilet flushing by pouring into the toilet bowl.

Now, more than ever, our water is precious. Help us conserve every drop!

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