Vintage House

Age Group(s): Seniors
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Description: The mission of Vintage House is to help support, preserve, and enhance the quality of life for residents of Sonoma Valley as they age. We accomplish this by fostering well-being, connection, and a sense of purpose and enjoyment through opportunities for lifelong learning, personal growth, and support.

The only Senior Center serving all of Sonoma Valley, Vintage House hosts an ever-expanding array of programs and services for its members and the broader community. These include:\

  • a weekly, social, no-cost lunch program
  • fitness, health and wellness classes
  • technology classes as well as one-on-one assistance
  • music and arts classes
  • language classes
  • cooking and gardening
  • informative and entertaining lectures
  • book clubs
  • game lessons and clubs (e.g. chess, backgammon, bridge, poker)
  • ongoing support groups
  • trips and special events
  • free rides around town to those 60+
  • elder law outreach
  • volunteer opportunities
  • medication reviews
  • health insurance counseling
  • vision and hearing support
  • assistance with finding COVID-19 testing and vaccinations
  • connecting seniors to no-cost home repairs and housing assistance
  • an educational series on financial health
  • referral to experts in the community for needs we are not able to address

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