County of Sonoma Expands Antibody Testing to Include School Personnel

Posted on July 31, 2020

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Now Available to Educators

Beginning Friday, July 31st, antibody testing will be available for Sonoma County residents who are employed in school settings currently or were employed during the 2019-20 academic year.

School employees include teachers (academic, physical education, music, arts), assistants, principals, administrative staff, one-on-one aides and custodians in school settings.

The County of Sonoma continues to offer antibody testing for first responders, police and fire personnel, health-care workers, essential workers such as grocery store workers, in-home support services caregivers, construction workers, utility workers, child-care providers, and community members who tested positive for COVID-19 at least three weeks ago. Tests also are available for those identified as their close contacts and are now at risk for exposure to the virus.

Anyone who fits within these categories should call (707) 565-4667 to schedule an appointment as this phase of antibody testing will end on Aug. 14, 2020. People currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should get a diagnostic (viral) test at one of several locations in the county listed on the Sonoma County Emergency Website (

Antibody testing is a blood test to identify if COVID-19 antibodies are present in the body. Testing positive for antibodies does not necessarily indicate immunity.

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