Crime Trend Alert – Increase of Thefts from Motor Vehicles in December

Posted on January 10, 2019

The Sonoma Police Department (Sonoma PD) has reported an increase in cases of theft from motor vehicles in the city of Sonoma (City) in December 2018 and wants to make the community aware of this increasing crime trend and help people protect their property.  Community awareness and involvement is a powerful tool in protecting property and assisting law enforcement in crime prevention.

The most significant common factor in the reported thefts is that most vehicles were unlocked and/or not secure. A majority of these thefts would have been prevented if the vehicle was locked when unattended.  “Sonoma residents and visitors should lock their car doors and remove valuables from their vehicle(s) every night,” says Sonoma Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez. “Often times, these thefts are committed by criminals who are simply trying door handles, hoping for an unlocked door. Please take a moment to prevent being a victim of theft by locking your vehicle.” Other quick tips include removing valuables from your car, using a vehicle alarm system, and storing vehicles in well-lit areas.

The City and Sonoma PD appreciate the continued cooperation from the public and ask that residents call the police and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood and let your neighbors know what you have seen. Take notes of people and vehicles that seem suspicious and let the police know by calling non-emergency dispatch at (707) 996-3601, unless it’s an emergency, then call 9-1-1.

For Questions, contact: Chief Orlando Rodriguez, Call (707) 996-3602 or Email

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