Cultural & Fine Arts Commission Announces Recipient of 2018 Student Creative Artist Award

Posted on May 11, 2018

Each year the Sonoma Cultural and Fine Arts Commission conducts the Student Creative Arts Award program soliciting entries from Sonoma Valley residents between the age of sixteen and twenty-one who are studying visual, literary or performing arts. Applicants must submit a portfolio of their work and an essay explaining the role art has played in their life and what their plans are for continuing their artistic training. The Commission then meets personally with each applicant to discuss their goals and ambitions and to provide an opportunity for those students who are studying music or theater to perform.

This year the Commission received entries from students attending Sonoma Valley and Rincon Valley Christian. The areas of interest included drawing, dance, cinematography, film, stage acting, architecture, and digital media.

After conducting the interviews this year, the Commissioners were extremely impressed with the variety of talent displayed by the students. Selecting just one award recipient was a challenge and after lengthy discussion and consideration of all the talent, they took a vote and the outcome was to name Alexandra Garber the 2018 Student Creative Art Award recipient. Alex attends Sonoma Valley High School. In her essay, Alex stated “Film and theatre are not merely hobbies, but pursuits that I plan to make the central focus of my life.” She plans to attend college here in the state of California.

The Commission wishes to congratulate Alex Garber on all she has accomplished and for being selected as this year’s major award winner. They will present her with a certificate of recognition and a check for $2,000 at an upcoming City Council meeting.

Due to the number of outstanding submissions, the Commission also awarded an Award of Merit in the amount of $500 to Lauren Smith for her outstanding achievement in the areas of photography and film.

All of the students who submitted entries are congratulated on their creativity and talent.

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