Depot Park

Depot Park

Only a block from the Historic Sonoma Plaza sits the 4.6 acre Depot Park located at 270-284 First Street West. Depot Park is home to our Depot Park Museum. The park is located adjacent to our scenic Bike Path that runs through town. The amenities include: Picnic Tables, Children’s Playground, Volley Ball Courts, Bocce Ball Courts, Depot Park Museum and Public Restrooms.

Section 1 Depot Park

Located on the west side of Depot Park section 1 is a perfect spot for a company picnic or large family gatherings. The area contains six built in picnic tables each seating approx 8 people.

Section 2 Depot Park

Centrally located within the park just behind Train Museum, this section has four picnic tables (each seating approx 8 people) nestled amongst trees.

Section 3 Depot Park

Located toward the Eastside of the park, this section of the park contains gentle rolling slopes that open into a flat usable space. Located adjacent to the Maysonave House (link to ) it’s a perfect location to host your family gatherings.

Volleyball Courts

The Depot Park Volley Ball Courts are sand courts that can be reserved for play.

Special events held at either the Plaza or Depot Parks may not exclude the public from the use of the Parks. Please refer to the Special Events Policy that pertain to the specific park for restrictions, requirements, and guidelines for use.

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