Student Creative Artist Award Entry Form 2023


April 26, 2022

Please complete the Entry Form Below.

To Ensure a Completed Application is Being Submitted:

  • Confirm that you uploaded five jpegs of art work if submitting a Visual Art Portfolio.
  • Confirm that you uploaded one YouTube video, if submitting Dance, Music or Theater performance.
  • Confirm that you uploaded one 500 word Creative Writing or Poetry piece. 
  • Confirm the attachment of a statement of 200 – 500 typewritten words.
  • Check if your work was done as a collaborative effort and describe in your statement what role you played in the work.

Video Recording Advice – Submit in YouTube –  Dance, Music, Theater

Record your piece in a clearly defined interior space with neutral lighting and with a non-distracting background.

    1. Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one position. The camera should be placed sufficiently close to the performer so that positioning and movement of all parts of the body and face are clear and visible. Use a fixed point of view for your camera with you being the main focus. Do not pan or move the camera.
    2. Record with the camera framing your entire body to capture movement in place as well as movement in and through space.
    3.  Limit props to one stool, two chairs, and one table.
    4.  Make sure the acoustics in the room are strong. Practice your piece in the space. If you hear an echo in playback, adjust the recording volume or choose some place else to record. Utilize only the microphone on the video camera. Do not use a handheld microphone. No mics should be seen in the frame while recording your piece.
    5. Make sure the space is well-lit, but not too bright.  Too little light and judges cannot see you. Too much light will leave you overexposed and judges cannot see your expressions.
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