Sonoma History Buskers Present “31-Minute Condensed History of Sonoma”

JulJuly 18 2023

5:30pm - 6:15pm Grinstead Amphitheater

The Plaza , Sonoma , CA 95476

Two men, one dressed in a professors robe and motar board and one in a historical outfit.

Performed by George Webber and CW Bayer—who together comprise the “Sonoma History Buskers”—this highly ironic and amusing and free theatrical presentation is part lecture, part costume farce, part sketch comedy, part musical performance, and all wacky. These two local KSVY radio hosts have joined forces to deliver what is needed most in 2023: “FUN!”

All of Mr. Webber’s historic performance art pieces include real history hidden inside the fun, and in just 30 minutes this latest piece provides a comprehensive historical framework that brings to life the vast stretch of history since humans made Sonoma home 17,000 years ago. Plus, there’s an actual time machine!

For information on George Webber’s “30 Minute Condensed History of Sonoma” contact George at  or at 707-939-5507.

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