“Voices of our Valley” Firestorm Anniversary Memories on KSVY

OctOctober 9 2018

Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent many hours in studio B with some of our Sonoma Valley community members and first responders as they told us about their experiences during the fires last October.
Many stories were sad, a few were on the exciting side, and one was a bit funny, if you can believe that! (Have you ever chased a looter with a bulldozer? It happened!)
One thing all of these stories had in common was heartfelt gratitude for the love in the air that really was thicker than the smoke. Each and every person we talked with commented on how beautifully the community came together during that frightening and difficult time.
It is in that spirit of community that we invite you to gather ‘round the radio with us this Monday and Tuesday, October 8 & 9, as we swap two full days and nights of regularly scheduled programming to share the voices of our valley and their firestorm anniversary memories.
There are several ways you can join us:
  1. Tune in to 91.3 FM in Sonoma Valley
  2.  “Listen Live “online at ksvy.org
  3. Get the KSVY app! available for both Android and Apple devices
We’d love for you to join the conversation with us on social media! Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be posting about these anniversary stories and it would be wonderful to have you join in with your own story.
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