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Excessive Heat Warning, Flex Alert This Holiday Weekend

Posted on September 3, 2020

Beat the Heat!

The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning effective Saturday at 11:00 AM – Monday at 9:00 PM. There are a number of ways to prepare and protect yourself and others from the impacts of Heat including:

  • Reduce outdoor activities in the afternoon,
  • Wear light, loose-fitting clothing, drink plenty of water,
  • Apply sunscreen regularly,
  • Know where shade is available,
  • Don’t leave pets and children in cars, and
  • Check-in on those most susceptible to heat impacts.
As a result of predictions of high heat and energy demand this holiday weekend, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) has issued a statewide Flex Alert, a call for voluntary electricity conservation, beginning Saturday and extending through Monday, from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Best ways to conserve energy:
  • Raise the thermostat: set to 78 degrees when at home, health permitting. Turn it up to 85 degrees or off when not at home.
  • Use a ceiling fan: this will allow you to raise the thermostat about 4 degrees to save on cooling costs with no reduction to comfort.
  • Turn off fans and lights when you leave a room.
  • Cover windows: use shade coverings and awnings so the A/C won’t have to work as hard.
  • Avoid using the oven, instead, cook on the stove, use a microwave, or grill outside.
  • Limit the opening of your refrigerator. The average fridge is opened 33 times a day – how low can you go?
  • Charge electric cars after 9 or 10 pm.
Visit CAISO’s web page for information about California’s electric grid and to view usage.
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