From Yard to Bin: How to Properly Dispose of Leaves This Fall

Posted on November 28, 2023

A child playing in a pile of fall leaves.

We’re in the midst of the beautiful fall season in Sonoma –  prime time for some leaf pile jumping and raking fun. But here’s a friendly reminder: after all the leafy excitement, let’s make sure we dispose of those fallen leaves properly.

In an ongoing effort to maintain clean and debris-free waterways and streets, the City of Sonoma is reminding residents of the importance of proper leaf and debris disposal as part of its street sweeping program.

While street sweeping schedules are in place to keep our neighborhoods tidy, residents play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of these efforts.

Best Practices for Residents:

  1. Mindful Leaf Disposal: Residents are urged to avoid blowing or sweeping leaves and debris into the street, storm drain, or creek. Instead, use the city’s yard waste or compost bins for proper disposal. See our waste sorting guide to learn what else can go in the green compost bin.
  2. Regular Gutter Maintenance: One of the primary reasons for clogged gutters is the accumulation of leaves and debris. Clear gutters regularly and ensure that leaves are disposed of properly. This proactive measure not only aids in street sweeping efforts but also prevents potential damage to property.
  3. Be Aware of Street Sweeping Schedules: Familiarize yourself with the city’s street sweeping schedule to ensure your car is not parked on the street during designated sweeping times. This helps the sweeping machines cover every inch of the road, maximizing efficiency.

Important Notice: Schedule Adjustments Possible

While the city strives to adhere to the street sweeping schedule, it’s important to note that unforeseen circumstances may lead to adjustments. Factors such as machine repairs, staffing issues, and inclement weather can impact the regularity of street sweeping activities.

At the heart of every clean street is a community committed to cooperation. The city of Sonoma extends gratitude to all residents for their ongoing dedication to these best practices. Your cooperation not only enhances the effectiveness of our street-sweeping program but also fosters a sense of pride and beauty in our shared spaces. Thank you for your continued partnership in keeping Sonoma’s streets, gutters and storm drains clean and clear.

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