Liam Lane Application Continued to February 21, 2019

Posted on January 17, 2019

Liam Lane Place RenderingThe application for a Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide a 0.67-Acre Lot into Four Lots with the location of 249 First Street West was continued from the November 8, 2018, Planning Commission meeting to allow the applicant time to address comments from the Planning Commission. The project was continued to January 10, 2019, to allow for the applicant to prepare final design plans for the architecture and layout of the lots along with landscape and lighting plans. The applicant then requested to continue the application to a later date. Staff concurred and the item was continued to the February 21, 2019 Meeting of the Planning Commission.

For more information about this project, visit the Liam Lane Place project page or contact the Planning Department:  Call (707) 938-3681 or email at

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