“The Love In The Air” Community Gratitude Project

Posted on November 6, 2017

Appreciation, recognition, and gratitude are the focus of the City’s multi-faceted program of activities for the community in the month of November, culminating in a gathering to pay tribute to emergency responders, community volunteers, and fire victims in a civic ceremony on November 18th.

“The Love In The Air” is the theme chosen to represent the experience that the community went through during and now after the October fires.  The idea drew inspiration from flyers proclaiming that ‘The Love In The Air Is Thicker Than The Smoke’, a saying that spread as far as Times Square in New York.

An image signifying “The Love In The Air” was created with help from local graphic artist Lisa Carlsson, showing a heart rising from the Valley’s hills.

Over the next two weeks, the City will be coordinating with local arts organizations, schools, nonprofits and youth organizations in a “Heart Art” project, encouraging residents of all ages to create tangible expressions of their emotions and perspectives in the fire’s aftermath through artwork and/or words on hearts of all sizes.

Several heart-making opportunities are being planned.  ArtEscape will have a table at the upcoming Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Open House on November 12, as well as a free drop-in heart making workshop in the Springs on November 15th from 6:30-9 pm. The Sonoma Community Center is holding heart-making workshops this Friday (a school holiday).  Details on these and additional events can be found on our Love In The Air program page, which also lists upcoming community events of gratitude, recognition, and commemoration.

Heart Art created by the community will be displayed at locations throughout the Valley, and will be highlighted at the civic ceremony being planned for November 18th on the Plaza.

“While the City itself was fortunate to escape direct damage, it is important to come together with an official tribute ceremony to express appreciation to our emergency responders and all the amazing community and business volunteers that supported their efforts,” said City Manager Cathy Capriola.

“The Love In The Air” theme will also be reflected in new banners going up this week on light poles surrounding the Plaza this week. The banners, which highlight some of the experiences expressed in the community, will remain in place through the holiday season and can be used again next year in remembrance.

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