Mayors’ & Councilmembers’ Association of Sonoma County

The City of Sonoma is a member of the Mayors’ and Councilmembers’ Association of Sonoma County. The Mayors’ and Councilmembers’ Association meets on a bi-monthly basis to connect and plan for the future on matters that affect the cities in Sonoma County.  The Chair City rotates on an annual basis.

Agendas will be posted on the Chair City's website.  Currently, the rotation is as follows:

  • City of Cloverdale  - 2021
  • City of Cotati  - 2022
  • City of Healdsburg - 2023
  • City of Petaluma - 2024
  • City of Rohnert Park - 2025
  • City of Santa Rosa - 2026
  • City of Sebastopol - 2027
  • City of Sonoma - 2028
  • Town of Windsor - 2029

Below are the meeting agendas for the year the City of Sonoma served as the Chair City.

For additional information, please refer to the Mayors' and Councilmembers' Association of Sonoma County 2019 Handbook.

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