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Where are Accessory Dwelling Units allowed?

The following applies to Accessory Dwelling Units, Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, and Efficiency Dwelling Units:

  • Accessory dwelling units are allowed in the R-HS, R-R, R-L, R-S, R-M, R-H, R-O, and R-P zones.
  • An accessory dwelling unit shall not be located on any parcel already containing a dwelling unit that is non-confirming with respect to land use or density, or developed with a duplex, triplex, apartment, planned development, or condominium. No more than one accessory dwelling unit shall be located on a parcel.
  • An accessory dwelling unit may be within, attached to, or detached from the primary dwelling unit. A detached accessory dwelling unit may take the form of a manufactured home on a permanent foundation. If detached, the accessory dwelling unit shall be separated from the main dwelling unit a minimum of 10 feet.

See theĀ Accessory Dwelling Unit Requirements.

For additional information or to discuss a particular location, contact the Planning Department.


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