What if I will need electricity and battery-dependent Assistive Technology or Medical Devices during a power shutoff?

It is important to plan ahead.

  1. Update your contact information with PG&E at pge.com/mywildfirealerts or call 1-866-743-6589. If you use a medical or life support device to treat ongoing medical conditions, apply for PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program. If you qualify, you’ll receive a lower rate on your monthly energy bill and receive extra notifications in advance of a Public Safety Power Shutoff.
  2. Follow FEMA’s recommendations in its Power Outage Information Sheet
  3. Review and update the ADA National Network’s Emergency Power Planning Checklist every 6 months

During a Public Safety Power Shutoff, PG&E may open a Community Resource Center at Hanna Boys Center where devices can be charged. During an extended power outage, the City of Sonoma and Sonoma County may open a device charging center during daytime hours at the Sonoma Veteran’s Memorial Building.

Disability Services & Legal Center (DSLC) is able to provide back up batteries that last 48 hours, and other services to assist to those individuals and seniors with a disability who are on MediCal. For additional information, contact Juan Orantes at 707-636-3065 or jorantes@mydslc.org  and visit http://mydslc.org/slider/psps-battery-back-ups/ .

Learn more about ways you can prepare at Sonoma Valley Hospital’s page on Managing Health Conditions at Home During a Power Outage and on the Preparing for Extended Power Outages page of this website.

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