Are there exemptions or exceptions to Sonoma’s local minimum wage?

Sonoma’s minimum wage rate makes an exemption for a “Learner”, an employee who is at least age 14 but not older than age 17 who meets to definition provided in California Welfare Commission Order No.. 4-2001.   A “Learner” may be paid not less than 85% of the local minimum wage (rounded to the nearest nickel) during his/her first 160 hours of employment, after which he/she shall be paid the applicable minimum wage.

Sonoma’s minimum wage ordinance also provides that any or all requirements may be waived in a bona fide collective bargaining agreement, but only if the waiver is explicitly and clearly set forth in that agreement.  Governmental agencies are exempt from the provisions of the local minimum wage ordinance.

See the Chapter 2.80 of the Sonoma Municipal Code for further details on the City’s minimum wage ordinance, including exemptions and exceptions.

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