How are Measure M projects selected for funding?

In 2024, the City of Sonoma is adhering to the 2024 Measure M Project Consideration Process, a five-step procedure rooted in the original recommendations put forth by the Parks and Recreation Task Force. These steps include:

  1. Conducting a comprehensive parks assessment by City Staff.
  2. Convening the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commission (PROS) “Measure M Project Consideration Ad Hoc” committee to pinpoint Measure M funding-eligible projects and select one or more for consideration in the upcoming budget cycle.
  3. Compiling detailed project descriptions and budget information for the identified projects.
  4. Presenting the findings to the PROS Commission at a Public Meeting.
  5. The PROS Commission evaluates the projects identified by the Ad Hoc committee at the public meeting and provides recommendations on which Measure M-funded projects should be considered by the City Council during the budget process.
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