How may the funds be spent in the City of Sonoma?

The revenue that is dedicated to the nine cities, including Sonoma, must be used to support local city parks and recreation needs, and may not be used to reduce existing funding for parks and recreation. Funds do not expire and may be used to accrue savings to be invested in park projects in future years. The revenue is to be used within one, or all, of the following seven categories:

  1. Maintain parks and recreation facilities to ensure safe, clean, and accessible visitor experiences.
  2. Improve and develop athletic fields, playgrounds, restrooms, picnic areas, and visitor amenities.
  3. Create and expand parks, trails, bikeways, public art, and recreation & historical facilities.
  4. Plan and develop bike paths and trails with connections to schools, community spaces, and regional trails.
  5. Provide recreation, education, and health programs for the community.
  6. Decrease future fire risks, fuel loads, and invasive plants on city-owned open space parks.
  7. Improve trails along waterways and riparian areas to benefit fish, wildlife habitat, and water quality.
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