What should I do to prepare for a power outage?

Among the questions to consider in preparing for an extended power outage:

How will I receive warnings and alerts about planned power outages?  When possible, PG&E will notify customers in advance of a possible Public Safety Power Shutoff.  Register for PG&E’s Wildfire Safety Shutoff Alerts.  Links to PG&E “look-up” resources on possible/current outages can be found on our Extended Power Outages page.  Be sure to also register for emergency alerts at both SoCo Alerts and Nixle to receive notifications about other emergencies that may affect your safety.  Learn more about Sonoma County’s Emergency Alert and Warning Tools.

Have I assembled my emergency kit(s)?  Whether you decide to relocate or remain at home during an extended power outage, it is important to have collected items you’ll need. Learn more at   SoCo Emergency’s Build a Kit page.

Have I considered the possible impacts of an extended power outage on my daily needs?   Power outages may affect things you may not have considered, like communications, electric gates and garage door openers, gas pumps, and ATM machines.  If you use Electricity and Battery-Dependent Assistive Technology and Medical Devices (e.g., ventilators, apnea monitors, dialysis machines), it is especially important to plan ahead.  Learn more at the Extended Power Outages page.  Visit the SoCo Emergency Power Outage page for additional information and lists of things you can do ahead of time to get ready for the potential loss of power, if PG&E is planning to turn off your electricity within the next 48 hours, and/or if your power is already out.  

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