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Who qualifies for affordable housing?

Affordable housing units have different eligibility requirements based on income and, in some cases, age. The income categories are approximate as follows, subject to variations in household size and other factors:

  • Extremely low income:  0-30% of Area Mean Income (AMI)
  • Very low income:  31% to 50% of AMI
  • Low income:  51% to 80% of AMI
  • Moderate income:  81% to 120% of AMI
  • Middle income : 121% to 140% AMI

“Affordable housing cost” for lower-income households is defined in State law as not more than 30 percent of gross household income with variations (Health and Safety Code Section 50052.5).

Contact property managers directly to inquire about specific eligibility requirements for individual units. The California Department of Housing and Community Development publishes income limits for each county annually. Below is the Sonoma County income limits for 2021:

Sonoma County Median Income





Additional information can be found here: State Income Limits for 2021 (ca.gov)




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